Government Creates a People

Throughout the years, it has been evident that the human race has a need for a guide that maintains order and establishes their definition of peace. We call this “guide” a government. Through the ages of time, it has become clear that a government significantly creates a people from its laws setting the guidelines on how people should live and even act. This is plainly demonstrated in fascism and theocracy from their powerful but differential effect. These two governments in particular shape their people very specifically because they are totalitarian state, however; a state does not need to be a totalitarian to cause the formation of a people.

In fascism, the government controls its citizens’ lives with punishment if these people choose to act against it or do not follow the ruling party’s principles. A fascist state is that of one ruling party that has a political viewpoint or movement that achieves promotion of the national identity through the dissolution of social groups. From this, it creates a single people. A dictatorial leader along with a strong military head, which is the power behind the government, helps enforce its laws to dictate the people as well as controlling outside forces.

The first government ever to use fascism is the Italian government. When fascism was first established in 1922, the ruler Benito Mussolini applied it to his country within attempt to achieve the goal of organization and his definition of controlled peace. Mussolini even said, “Italy wanted peace and quiet, work and calm. I will give these things with love if possible and with force if necessary.” In this message, Mussolini’s intention was quite clear: those who disagreed with his intentions and acted on their different beliefs were harshly punished. In his complete conquer of Italy; peoples formed the way the government he wanted. Not many would say differently, for they feared the brutal, punitive action that they would endure if they did so. To avoid death sentences, the people of Italy obeyed their ruler.

As consequence, boys were anticipated to become into fierce soldiers who would battle with glory for their “dear” homeland while girls were expected to be respectable mothers who would provide Italy with the next generation of powerful, fascist Italian leaders. This created the people of Italy by specifying certain values, doctrines, and behaviors, such as gender roles. Because of the fact that all these people had the same government, it specified beliefs that resulted in the unification of all Italians.  Mussolini used fear as a weapon to unite people with a common fear, and from it, grew a nation that was terrified of him and therefore could be controlled quite easily.

Like fascism, Theocracy creates a people from the religious perspective of the government. However, in a theocracy, the basic principles, which the people must abide by, come from a state religion. In theocratic governments, people must obey the state religion, in this case Islam; corresponding religious values and reject others, which are considered unethical and wrong. Theocracy is a government with immediate divine guidance or officials who are regarded as divinely guided. Most often this divine guidance is in the form of a religion. This government creates a people out fear of sin. This type of government attempts to instill fear in its people by equating law breaking to sin, which is how the government keeps order among the people, which is the basis on how the and Islamic theocracy. In the Arabic language, the root slm means “to be people remain orderly to the government.

An example of this would be the government of Iran, in peace, to be an integral whole.” From slm comes the word Islam that can be defined as, “to surrender to God’s law, and thus be an integral whole.” The government takes the responsibility of applying these two beliefs to the people it rules. It accomplishes this statement well by forcing all people to practice the Islamic faith, which could be defined as all people having the same values. Since they all share the same religious and moral values defined by the government, they interact positively with each other and as such form a people.

This people, created completely by the government, are the only acceptable form of “people” in its eyes, because the government itself creates it. Since Arabic lifestyle is built from religion, religion controls every aspect of the citizens’ lives. Religion guarantees a safe afterlife if a person commits little sin. But if they do branch away from Islam’s laws, they will be punished both in the world today and in the afterlife. A perfect citizen will commit no sin hence no crime, and be rewarded in heaven. The government is the religion so theocracy is creating the people.

Throughout time, it is evident that a government significantly creates a people. Fascism creates a people by using fear as a weapon. Their people will obey because they are terrified of the consequences of acting against or differently from it. An example of this is the Italian government of fascism. In theocracy, a people is created from a divine guidance, usually god. Religion then sets the guidelines of the government. Their people obey because if doing otherwise, it would be immoral and unethical to the government and or religion. An example of this is Iran’s theocracy. This is because a government chooses what values its people are exposed to. As such, this influences the individuals enough to the point at which they all share these values, and by human nature, they seek fulfillment for them and form a group. This group eventually evolves into an entity, a people, and all because of the government.

A government significantly creates a people; therefore there are many different cultures that are derived from a government. A government controls the lives people live and therefore act. This creates the many cultures throughout the world today. This is evident through cultures in the past and in the present. Back then; people had a poor way of communication so they remained by themselves. Because of this isolation, cultures scarcely changed. When governments work together like they do in the world today, cultures tend to clash. So, a culture is derived from that specific government and is explained through the many different peoples in it.

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