A Christmas Parade

The morning before the Downingtown Christmas Parade was mostly slow. I woke up at a late hour, put effort into making a hearty breakfast, and sat at my computer while drinking my coffee to edit pictures from the day previous to this.

I looked forward into taking the pictures of the parade, knowing that I would capture some interesting images. However, I did not think they would be this memorable… Something intrigued me about the way my fellow neighbors marched down the street in freezing temperature carrying their smiles with the utmost happiness. Instead of focussing on the handmade floats or decorative fire engines rumbling down their town’s streets, I chose to focus on the people.

At the beginning of the parade, there was a buzzing of citizens finding appropriate seats, talking to one another, and celebrating the holidays to come. A memorable aura was amongst us all, working its way through the crowd and adding to the happy atmosphere we were already enduring. This aura was present on the faces of my Downingtown neighbors, and I started to snap my pictures.

When the parade finally commenced, we all stood at the sides of the street, watching the high school band march pass us with chilled fingers and stony expressions as directed by their instructors. We watched the freshly painted, antique cars drive slowly down the street while their drivers proudly waved from the passenger’s seat. We watched the baton twirlers dance pass us and the police and fire company signal their sirens. And finally, we watched Santa drive down the street in a decoratively styled carriage waving at the many children who were squealing with absolute joy.

A picture can only be described in so many words. The pictures below depict the love and gratitude us average people express toward our home, families, and neighbors. Every year, we march down the street with our children, waving and smiling at people we don’t know. The photos below express the capturing of these precious entities. In an ironic way, capturing the imperfections of people can define them as perfect.

Please enjoy my gallery.

A child waves at the crowd while her father drives slowly down the street, showing their beautiful car.

A still silence overcomes the crowd while the veterans march proudly down the street, flags in hand, stepping in sync with the beats of the National Anthem.
The boys walk alongside the cars, passing out candy to many children their age.

The young teen skates quickly up the street attempting to avoid the people of the parade moving in the opposite direction.
Before the parade, an elder man is pushed in a wheelchair by his loved one while quickly searching for places to sit.
The skateboarder turns around wanting to be apart of the festivities and lets gravity guide him down the street alongside the parade.

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