The Streets and Harbors of Annapolis

Thanksgiving morning, I was awoken by the pitter-patter of branches tapping against my window. Outside shined with radiant sun and a clear, blue sky beckoning my family and I to make the best out of our beautiful holiday.

Many days before, my family and I decided to be spontaneous and spend the rest of Thanksgiving day in Annapolis, Maryland. We had no distant relatives traveling from their homes to come visit us and did not see the danger in trying something different. Taking risks in our family is not uncommon. Usually the best things in life come out of spontaneous opportunities we provide for ourselves.

Overpacking our bags with multiple outfits and other belongings, we departed soon after the parade ended on television. The ride wasn’t long. It takes about two hours from Philadelphia to Annapolis.

The moment we arrived, we started taking multiple walks up and down the main street. Every once in a while we saw a shop that stood out amongst the rest and entered, warming our frozen fingers, toes, and faces. The entire town was dressed in Christmas decorations that shined from the cloudless sky overhead. Men, women, and children wore smiles as if informed to.

The patterns of our walking did not change the few days we stayed there. Every chance given, we walked along the street. The breeze from the harbor blew through the streets, chilling us even more then our already frozen bodies. But kept on walking into stores and restaurants, cafés and pubs, bakeries and pawnshops until we were all terrifically numb.

Taking spontaneous actions in life are some of the most memorable and precious memories we will ever experience. Keeping to plan can only get you so far. Take a risk, you’ll enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy my gallery.

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