Visions of the Past

A bird rests upon the steps of The Met.
The same bird scurries around the museum's steps, looking for food lying upon the marble.
Another pigeon, hungry and dissatisfied, watches the tourists come and go from the museum while looking for food.
Buildings stand so high they touch the clouds, while people seem not to notice driving speedily down the street, walking alongside the curb, and shopping their New York touristy hearts out to minimum capacity.
A narrower view of the previous photo, but this picture sports New York's awesome size and capacity of people.
Standing tall and strong, the building expresses its breathtaking architectural surplus amongst all the other buildings in the city, making it the "Dream Apartment".

The statue still stands, after thousands of years, as strong and powerful as ever.
The pot of branching-out flowers sits to finish the overall composition of the arch.

This pillar stands in the museum supporting the Egyptian Exhibit.

A similar view to the colossal structure in Egypt.
Carefully taken apart and arranged back in New York, a temple stands passed the entrance.
True artwork.
She explores the temple or tomb, fascinated by its differentiated allure.

4 thoughts on “Visions of the Past

  1. Incredible!. I usually visit your blog and I have to say that you make incredible photos. It’s very difficult that I’m going to visit Philadelphia, but I’m very sure I’m going to visit NY in April, and I wish I found this museum and these streets!

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