Hawaii’s Natural Art

Please enjoy my extensive gallery 🙂

The old car hides in the bushes of Hawaii's beautiful landscape, volcanic landscape.

Hawaii's massive size in greenery is one of the main attractions dealing with plants.
The brightness of its color is radiant against the dark background in which the sun finally sets.
The old Dole tank sits in the leaves in the midst of the jungle growing over it.
The old pipes that carried the juices out of the tank remain untouched disincluding the rain that trickles down its spout.
The porch is decorated with the overgrowing plants that extend out through the wood.
Beside the house rests a small birdhouse hidden in the overgrowing plants.
Inside for a wedding, white roses are placed together in statue-like fashions.

A Monarch Butterfly sits on a garden design outside, resting its wings.
More designs outside...

A beautiful work of art, the flowers rest in a tube of water that enhance the flowers' blueness.

As big as it may seem, the arrangement of plants are extremely small and are about the size of your palm.

The winner of the composition, and made with real, compressed, native plants, the picture-statue hangs from the ceiling proudly.

Made from real, native plants, an exhibit is displayed in a store's window.
Another store window selling small plants displays plants growing out of drawers in a beautifully arranged portrayal of home appliances.

The many, many names of all the men and women who died from Pearl Harbor are written and remain on the marble of a memorial.
There are no words...
At the flower shop, I took a picture of a woman who happened to be right smack in the middle of a wreath.
Interesting leaves.
What does it look like? Figure it out. Find the figure within the image.

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