The Paradox of Death

A single idea can cause your world to unravel.

It can grow inside and develop into disease, affecting your speech, your movement, and your every thought.

Sometimes these ideas are overlooked or forgotten, and sometimes they’re not.

Sometimes our past dictates our present and we feed off those memories until we convince ourselves that there is no future worth living.

Someone gave us the gift of curiosity and us human beings thrive off possibilities that become or dreams, but could very well be our nightmares.

Through our nightmares we find specific reasons to control our actions that can lead to outstanding tragedy.

And we live off these thoughts and memories until our actions become no more, our speech becomes no more, and our thoughts become no more.

We live off these nightmares until there is no more.

Until there is only death.

This is the paradox in humanity.

-RIP Alec

I wish you believed there was more. There really was.

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