Christmas Parade ’12

Everyone is lined below and waiting for the parade to start. You can tell throughout the pictures I had difficulty finding a good spot, but eventually we found a decent place. Anyway, I really like the symmetry here. Taking pictures of peoples’ expressions is an obsession of mine. A creepy obsession, but I think it’s beautiful nonetheless.


The symmetry here is also very pleasing to the eye. There are multiple positions the people randomly stand in; there’s walking to the right, walking to the left, standing nonchalantly, etc. My favorite is of the man selling cotton candy, though it is a little hard to see from the high amount of light exposure. The ground-to people-to light ratio is another great catch.

I swear, I could hear their clarinets squeaking for miles! But they were fifth graders, so in light of the Christmas spirit, everyone was happy to smile and listen.


Still waiting… The crowd seems to go on and on and on…



And finally! The parade starts off with many of the township’s cars riding down Main street along with their children dressed up as elves handing out pieces of candy to other kids. He looks like he’s on a mission, handing out his candy canes and tootsie roles.


It’s a little blurry, but this picture speaks for itself.



That dog is just happy to be here.


This car was seen in the last parade as well. It’s a nice car. 😉


Another really nice car…


I couldn’t get myself to filter this one to black and white. What’s funny is the guy who’s waving. I swear he’s not hiding his face from me taking the picture!


This one is too cute. And I love how they take up 3/4 of the photo.


If you look closely, you can see each truck is pulling the other.


I love his expression.

IMG_2057 IMG_2054

This shot is awesome. It’s one of those shots you’re weren’t expecting, then you upload your pictures and smile. 🙂

IMG_2043 IMG_2028

Why so serious? They tell them to frown and keep a dull face through the entire parade.


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