Top 5 Reasons Instagram has Failed

“What’s your Instagram?” A question people ask me on at least a bimonthly basis. To which I respond, “I don’t really use it anymore, but here it is…”

A certain social media platform has taken the world by storm. Everyone has it. An individual’s entire life is broadcasted in a series of images and videos under miscellaneous profiles. But I’m here to tell you Instagram is not what it once was.

I ended up downloading the application when someone suggested I share my photos that way instead of just using twitter. Mind you, this was probably around 2010, when most people didn’t even have a twitter account. After a couple hours, I was hooked. Sadly, as Instagram became more and more famous, I lost more and more of my passion using it.

Here are the top five reasons Instagram has ultimately failed over the years:

5. “Instagram” turned “Selfiegram”

Go to anyone’s profile. What do you expect to see? Selfies. Selfies everywhere. The main reason I had such a fond interest in Instagram was because it was photography sharing, not a selfie sharing app. Sure, a good number of people take some pretty impressive photos, but they’re completely buried under dozens and dozens of selfies. Now it seems as if sharing selfies are Instagram’s main purpose. Since the company has a habit of slightly changing every so often, I wouldn’t put it past them to change their name from “Instagram” to “Selfiegram”.

4. It sold out to Facebook

It’s no mystery as to why the above began to occur almost simultaneously as Facebook purchased the organization. Facebook is the epitome of everyone’s idea of social media. You showcase everything from your political views to your relationship status. Almost nothing goes unseen. So when Instagram and Facebook made that connection, all the anything-other-than-photography-based photos managed to find their way into realm of the application. You may begin to see why this would be particularly upsetting to those dedicated to the art of photography who used an app just dedicated to the art of photography.

3. Celebrities have taken over

To those who are not familiar with Instagram’s old popular page, imagine this: if your photo received a number of likes in a certain period of time, you may have been lucky enough to have had a photo featured on this page. Instagram would even send you a notification with an exclamation. It was that big of a deal. However, as the celebrities began to find their way into Instagram, they had to change this feature for obvious reasons. Kim Kardashian could take a photo of a lamp and it would have been featured on the popular page within seconds. RIP popular page.


2. It has stolen ideas from other social media platforms 

Instagram used to be simple. That’s what made it gain millions of users around the globe just after launching 24 hours prior. It made headlines for making an application that was dedicated to simply photo-sharing. Even in its own title, “gram” translates into something “drawn”, while “insta” refers to instantly. This altogether gives very simple meaning to the name “Instagram”. Nowhere in that title however does it give meaning to video. A couple years ago, the application updated and its users found that it could post them. Not only was this years after YouTube already existed, but Vine already launched something similar as well. Not too many years after that, its users woke up to yet another addition. They could post stories by selecting their profile that would be deleted 24 hours later. This should be familiar to everyone who has a Snapchat since it is essentially the exact same idea. Not only has Instagram lost its original purpose, but it lost any originality it had left.

1. It used to primarily be for photography buffs… Like myself 

It didn’t matter if you were first starting out as a complete and total amateur or you already made photography into a successful profession. What mattered to me is that we were a happy little community. We could easily access each other’s pages thanks to the popular page. We rarely had any stigma towards those with a small following base. There was no such thing as viewing other people’s stories. Celebrities never got in the way. It felt as if we found a perfect way for any type of photographer, amateur or professional, to share their art. Now, it feels like we’re back to scouring the internet to find each other’s professional websites, which is not too easily done if you’re a beginner. They say with change comes opportunity, but for me it may be a while before I come across such an ideal opportunity again.


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